Watching. Waiting. (Another Take) | Flash Fiction

Note: Last week I posted a quick piece called “Watching. Waiting.” I didn’t particularly like it at the time. I’m coming to actually hate it. A friend pointed out that the core element of an old man watching cable news to help loosen his connection to life was wrong-headed. It was also ungenerous and mean. […]

What I Learned: Week of September 16 – 22, 2018

A rundown of things I read, saw or heard this week that stuck with me. This week happens to be all podcasts. Worth a listen Post No Evil. Radiolab. 2018aug17. Early in the rise of Facebook, the company realized they needed a rulebook of acceptable behaviors to deal with the occasional appalling, depraved, and possibly […]

The Thing About Writing

Some nights the words absolutely pour out, and you are drowning with things to say. Some nights you write calmly, evenly, almost absent. You surprise yourself days later reading a thing you didn’t realize you had written. And then some nights you write 277 words about a man watching television with Death and wonder how […]

Not the Nerdiest Thing

I recently told a friend that posting an annotated bibliography of the interesting things I have read, heard and watched in a week is the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done. That’s not true. I used to update a monthly spreadsheet of how many times I had listened to each song in my iTunes library so […]

The Rundown: Week of September 10 – 16, 2018

I take in a lot of articles, blogs and podcasts through the week. It feels wasteful to keep all this goodness to myself. Here are a few highlights of things I read or heard that are worth your time. Worth a read Stewart, Susan. “Use a Story Structure to Make Writing Your Novel a Lot […]

Watching. Waiting. | Flash Fiction

Death was taking its sweet, slow time finding Archie Wheeler. Archie waits, impatient, sitting his living room, his dinning room, his toilet, his porch, like a man sitting a bus stop bench waiting for a bus that is running hours, days, years too late. A man with somewhere else to be, anywhere other than wherever […]