Look Up

Rest a moment from the frenetic chaos we have made our daily lives. Excuse yourself from the binge-purge cycle of fear then outrage. We are meant to be more than only this. Look up.   Advertisements

Untitled Thing Inspired by If 6 Was 9

I’m not sure exactly what this piece is. The impulse came while driving home from the grocery listening to Jimi Hendrix’s “If 6 Was 9”. I wanted to write a thing that moves like that song. Alternating bruising punch with psychedelic caress. This isn’t the thing but it has some of the shape of the […]

Last Smoke | Flash Fiction

“Hand me a cigarette, will ya?” “I don’t smoke anymore,” he tells her, that inscrutable smile of his. Mocking her. “Bullshit. Hand over.” “For real. Not joking.” He turns away from the view to show her his serious, not-joking face. Cars and buses and bikes and people walking dogs bustle below. They stand alone at […]

What’s White Privilege?

For much of today I kept one eye on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle. I had planned to write tonight about Facebook, how my use of the platform has changed and rules for putting social media into its proper place. For my morning commute, I listened to a podcast speculate at length about whether or not […]

Speed Reading: A (Hoped For) Superpower

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Whenever people ask me this question, I usually run down the traditional pros and cons of invisibility versus flying versus mind reading but the honest, actual truth is I’d choose speed reading. I would rather read three times faster than I do now (with complete […]

Saturday night poem.

This is a night I wish to write poetry — loud, brash, unrhyming poems that stick sideways inside your head and make you walk around shaking like a dog, trying to jar loose that cockeyed idea that did not start with you but lodged in and got dressed up in your own life, became your […]

Birthday Greetings

Today is my birthday. I’m 44. I don’t feel 44. I don’t feel any particular age at all. I suppose I’ve reached the part of life they call Middle Age. Half the people I know think I’m still pretty young but the other half think I’m pretty old so Middle Age probably describes the situation […]